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Author : Anne Hunt, group member.


A warm welcome to everyone from TransHaven,Boston.

We are a Transgender support group. By definition our aim is to help and support anyone who fits into the spectrum of transgender. We are hoping to contact as many organisations as possible to establish a common ground of understanding of our needs and concerns in an effort to try and be accepted to a wider audience and be more understood. We are not a threat to society but more of an extension which should be recognised and be respected for whom we are. By opening as many doors as possible we feel we can help like-minded people who struggle with, and are trying to come to terms with, their inner feelings and emotions. This can be a roller coaster of a ride especially from a personal experience that was exaggerated by the lack of knowledge from my GP.

There are certain needs that individuals alone would never be able to achieve but, collectively as a group it may give us an opportunity to be listened to, so with that aim, we ask everyone who comes to our meetings that you are prepared to share your experiences with us so that we can look at ways of improving those concerns and collectively try to move forward.

All trans people and associated family members are welcome to attend a very relaxed meeting which encourages a safe and friendly atmosphere. This will be held every 2nd Friday of the month at the Supreme hotel, Bicker Bar, Bicker, Boston, Lincs. PE20 3AN. The meeting will be held within the hotel in the Haven Room, or if this is not available we will use the Witham Room between the hours of 7 pm until 11 pm. Bar meals can be ordered and taken into the meeting room. We also understand that an overnight stay is available at the hotel for anyone who is travelling from a distance. Again, you will need to contact the hotel direct (01205) 822804 to find out about the cost and availability.

The fee to attend a meeting will be £5.00, this also includes some interactive games with prizes.

I appreciate some of the committee members like myself are fairly new to the trans scene but if I may speak from my point of view, I have for the past year tried to visit as many transgender meetings as possible to understand, and appreciate the effort which has been put into these groups to maintain their very existence. Something we should not take for granted and therefore complement those people who organise such events.

TransHavens objectives are to gather those good points from these groups and try and develop the need to explore some other avenues. I agree that this will never be easy, as change is difficult to grasp but sometimes a ‘new handbag’ is important. I would like to think we ‘complement’ what is already being offered and therefore encourage a slight variation in the way we organise our events. 

Of course, there is plenty of opportunity at the meetings to socialize, forge new friendships and above all have a relaxing and enjoyable evening out with like minded people.  

Group committee

Carole Gee

Tricia Barrett